Heavy Machine

The Heavy Machine we are renting for our customer is Milling Machine, Road Paver, Tyre Road Roller, Tandem Road Roller, Backhoe, Back Pusher, Lorry, Pickup, 4 Wheel Drive, Van, Fork-lift, Rough Terrain Crane, Excavator, Power Broom, Vibrator Roller and Tower Crane.

Our company has 8 unit of Milling Machine, 6 unit of Road Paver, 8 unit of Tyre Road Roller, 7 unit of Tandem Roller, 7 unit of Backhoe Machine, 4 unit of Back Pusher, 17 unit of Lorry, 7 unit of Pickup Vehicle, 5 unit of 4 wheel Drive Vehicle, 6 unit of Van, 1 unit of Fork-Lift, 3 unit of Rough Terrain Crane, 4 unit of Excavator, 2 unit of Power Broom, 3 unit of Vibrator Roller and a tower crane.